Rick’s work deals with implied histories and emotional applications of found elements, abstract painting, and collage on paper or canvas. His technique, though self-developed, was greatly influenced through the relationship between he and his uncle, Robert Rauschenberg.


Rick’s burgeoning career is regularly nourished by his travels around Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and the United States. Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, he has lived for nearly 30 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he has honed his craft. Rick has evolved into a prominent member of the areas bustling artist community. The union of his Cajun upbringing and sophisticated, watchful eye towards the world at large has empowered Rick with a broad understanding of fine art and mankind. The result: a keen, soulful hand - readily apparent in the dramatic material he produces. His work has been displayed in galleries throughout the United States.




“My work is about an organic drive towards a resonant composition – space, color, texture – that’s what moves me. To some extent, I do agonize over the placement and relationships of parts of each piece, but my goal is always for simplicity… for finding a type of spirit in the work. As time moves on, I find myself desiring that more and more.…the simple stuff. Oftentimes it’s what has been left out, or what is left to “breathe” that defines the strength in my latest paintings and drawings.  The active, positive spaces in the work (photo transfers, fabric, the paint) converse with the negative. That’s essentially where I find my titles…those conversations within…that agreeable or disagreeable tension.

That’s the heart of the work.

Despite what I sense many viewers see in my paintings, I don’t cerebrally include specific elements. I don’t assign the role of symbol to any given aspect of a piece. That’s up to the viewer. When the work is done it belongs to them. They may honor their own feelings by using my paintings to release emotion and curiosity, to find their Zen. That abstract connection to others is the truly sweet part of my work.”


- Rick Begneaud

Selected Exhibitions
2014  "Diesal and Stone...The Lure" Acadiana Center for the Arts,Lafayette, LA
2013   "Off the Wall", Acadiana Center for the Arts, Lafayette, LA
2012   "Print", Woodward Gallery, New York, NY

2010   “Threads + Stones”, Schomburg Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA

2010   “Big Paper Winter”, Woodward Gallery, New York, NY

2009   “Signs of Life”, Woodward Gallery, New York, NY

2008   “New Visions”, Juried Exhibition, ProArts Gallery, Oakland, CA
           Selected by Karen Tsujimoto, Senior Curator of the Oakland Museum 
           and Lucinda Barnes, Chief Curator of the Berkeley Museum

2008   “SLIDESLAM”, di Rosa Preserve, Napa, CA

2008   Introduction, Westbrook Galleries, Carmel, CA

2008   “Allons á Lafayette”, Kirsha Kaechele Projects, New Orleans, LA 

2008   Festival International de Louisiana, Gallery 549, Lafayette, LA

2008   Introduction, Woodward Gallery, New York, NY

2007   “Art for all Seasons”, SomArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA

2007  "Charity Art Auction, Deborah & Carlos Santana’s Milagro Foundation, 
          "Corte Madera, CA

2007   Festival International de Louisiana, Gallery 549, Lafayette, LA

Selected Collectors
Robert Rauschenberg Foundation
Bobby Weir
Darryl Pottorf
Jimmy Macdonell
Dr. Allen and Cindy Appley
Chuck and Carla Rush
Ged Robertsen 
Rob Matthews
Joyce and Sherman Scott


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